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If Vocal Technique is Limiting Your Style, You’ve Got the Wrong Technique.

It’s that simple. A technique that limits what you can do with your voice is not a technique – it’s an excuse for limitations. It’s a useful as tits on a bull.

I’ve been around a while. Back in my early days in the smallish town I grew up in there was little variety offered in the way of vocal technique. I grew up taking classical lessons and being told that I needed to stay in my head voice throughout my entire range.

It didn’t work out so well when I wanted to sing things other than arias. My lower register was a mess. When I turned 40 (yes, twice as old as many of you) I discovered there was another way. 18 years later (yes, now almost as old as the Almighty) I am advocating for vocal technique that is true to how the voice works scientifically and teaching methods that are focused on YOUR needs and YOUR singing. Ultimately, those two things will be pivotal in freeing you to express your story through song.

I want you to discover ways to make sounds and sing that allow you to sing absolutely any style you want. With input from a skilled, science and learning theory based vocal coach, you will have the opportunity to master your style and voice and not have it master you.

But here’s the rub: Not all vocal coaches deeply understand how the voice really works; not all vocal coaches understand how people learn. You have to find one who does both so that you can get what you need versus what the vocal coach feels (s)he needs to give you.

Lisa Haupert (Guest Author)

Vocal Coach and Wellness Coach at Shameless Singing
Lisa is no ordinary voice teacher. She is also a wellness coach, has a master’s degree in nursing in adult health and education, and is a trainer for singing teachers in the Be A Singing Teacher courses.

Lisa works with highly motivated clients, both teachers and artists, from round the world. In her Nashville, TN studio she specializes in working with artists to develop their voices so that they are no longer limited, but rather liberated by their style.With teachers, she helps them acquire the scientific and coaching information they need to be excellent voice teachers.

In the summer of 2014 Lisa completed and passed the first of a trio of blocks of graduate classes in vocology at the Summer Vocology Institute, taught by Dr. Ingo Titze, vocal science guru.

Lisa uniquely combines her experience and knowledge of health, wellness, positive psychology, and whole-hearted living with the science of the habilitation of the voice. She stirs in some compassion, a slightly off balance sense of humor, and some southern US charm, and out comes a recipe created to get you what you need for your singing and singing teaching.
Lisa Haupert (Guest Author)