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The Bottom End – Training Chest Voice & The Low Range

By December 22, 2016 Singing Tips
Singing Low Notes

Why bother training the very bottom of chest voice?


We really enjoy writing articles for iSing Magazine, purely because we get to be really nerdy about the science and anatomy. Here’s an article we wrote for them on training the very bottom of chest voice, which is often overlooked in voice training regimes. Our chest voice notes help us to develop many things, including stability, tone, relaxation as well as improving vocal health and longevity. That’s important for us singers right?
Please do get yourself along to iSing and subscribe to their wonderful singers resource. It’s available on most formats from iPhone to Android, so get involved!

Training the bottom of chest voiceTraining the bottom of the voice


Training the bottom of the voiceIf you like this article on training the low end then let us know in the comments. Equally, if you think we got this wrong then open up the discussion! Also, if you find yourself on the iSing website or reading the full magazine then be sure to register for our free webinar where we take your questions on this subject and offer some more solutions for this type of training.

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