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If you’ve made it this far, you’re doing great. Jokes aside, thank you… we truly appreciate your time. If you want further reading on why we rely on people like you to fund the podcast, please scroll below the sign-up button.


Some people will not be able to contribute. And we don’t want them to. This plea should absolutely not make anyone’s life hard.

If, however, you have received value across the years, are excited about the future with us, and you can afford to donate, please do.

This year, please consider making a donation of $4, $9, $17 or whatever you can to help sustain The Naked Vocalist and push it on to the next level.

We really appreciate you.


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The Naked Vocalist is something special. With hundreds of thousands of podcast listens, over three thousand Facebook followers and a couple of thousand Youtube subscribers (despite never really creating anything specifically for Youtube)… it’s clear that people have found value in what we have been doing across 6 years. But we’re not stopping now. If anything it’s just the beginning.

In a world where contrived ‘advice’ is dished out willy-nilly in a hope to cash in on an audience by selling ads, we thankful we have never gotten involved in any of silliness. Instead, we chose not to receive any funding at all, and march on gallantly in our quest to deliver informed and informal (and incredible) advice for singers from every walk of life.

We WILL continue regardless of funding. Your monthly donation will make The Naked Vocalist better than it’s ever been. (And that’s saying something ;)). With the momentum of six years and a combined 30+ years teaching, we have the ability to connect with huge guests, offer incredible insight and reach singers right across the world. We already have plans to create a platform so those who cannot afford private lessons can receive solid training free of charge.


Naked Web Monkey

The Naked Vocalist website guru. Years of experience in fixing websites, uploading stuff and belting out high C's. All whilst swinging from a tree.