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Episode 38 – Gaining Confidence | High Note Helper

We are the worlds leading singing podcast, and today we are covering the ever-discussed subject of confidence. Oh, and high notes, of course.

Welcome back! TNV super supporter Rebel Rae is todays feature for new music. Please go and listen to her single, Good Vibes, and support this wonderful emerging artist. You can find out more about her at rebelrae.com.

CONFIDENCE. Everyone wants it. No one has it. Or so it seems. That’s our listener question today! So we delve into the why’s and how’s of getting more of the stuff.

Top quotes from the confidence section:

  • Make fear familiar
  • Nerves can be related to the fear of ‘social attack’. Will our mistakes result in being ousted from our community? If we feel at all like this will happen in the moment, we’ll lose confidence straight away and enter ‘fight or flight’ mode
  • Knowing how to use your instrument is integral to increasing confidence
  • Perform in different environments, with different repertoire, frequently to avoid getting too attached to ‘your’ scenario

We also sneak in a high note helper for all those wanting to nail the big ones. This strategy is centred around occluded exercises. So get your straws at the ready people!

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