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Episode 30 – The Singers Mindset with Michael Goodrich

This week kicks off with the fabulous Isabelle who we met in LA earlier this year. With clear Kelly Clarkson influences, 6 of her passionate and emotive tracks can be found on iTunes and Spotify! So get listening.

On this episode, not only are we trialling a new microphone, but for the first time we’re now featured on Stitcher radio: another platform for podcasts. We’re still on the Podcast app, iTunes, our website and Podbean. We’re also being a bit more proactive with our Instagram account, so come and follow us there @thenakedvocalist. Our mission for world domination is almost complete!!

In other news, The Pan American Vocology Association, headed by Dr. Ingo Titze, have accepted Chris as a voting member! This essentially means he gets to vote on lots of important voice stuff. And Steve is heading over to Dublin for the Web Summit with Line Hilton (iSing magazine editor). With over 1000 guest speakers, it’s sure to be a ‘Corker’……….. sorry for the rubbish Irish pun.

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Mike Goodrich – a man of many mindsets

Michael Goodrich Vocal CoachToday we’re speaking to Michael Goodrich who began in the world of SLS (Speech Level Singing). He has worked with artists such as Sutton Foster and other numerous theatre and tv personalities across a 25 year career.

1989 was when he started working with Seth Riggs at SLS in LA and knew at that time that he was pushing his voice to what he was capable of. He was encouraged to start teaching… and that was 25 years ago!

The technical side of the voice is one of many aspects that Mike enjoys geeking out on. He realised that when he was performing himself in shows such as ‘Evita’ and ‘Sunday In The Park With George’ that he didn’t really enjoy it at all. 10 years into teaching, it was clear to him that coaching and helping others was his true calling. As time went by he recognised similar negative thought processes in his students, so from his personal experiences, he guided them in recognising their full potential and dealing with ‘those’ thoughts.

His interests in mindset for singing then developed and his passion for positive thinking for achieving a singers goals was at the forefront of his teaching practice, alongside technique.

It is our thoughts, beliefs, programming, wiring, conditioning… everything that goes on behind the scenes is what runs the voice.

Michael Goodrich

The main concept of Michael’s is the self-limiting belief which runs through the very core of every being. He knew his voice would cope well through the shows, but his main concerns when performing were forgetting the words when he was singing. Understanding that this was just a surface worry made him want to get to grips with the real truth behind that superficial thought. He thinks digging deep and understanding the core beliefs which trigger the fears we have is key. Beneath it all you may be a perfectionist, or you feel you don’t deserve the role, or whether you don’t know if you deserve success at all. It will express as something else as it needs to be exposed, so dealing with the core beliefs we have about ourselves is crucial.

Imagine this – A frog that burps under water creates a bubble which pops on the surface. Someone sees the bubble pop, but what created it? What really is under the surface?

Take a singer that is terrified of karaoke. A mental exercise can be of use:

Just by closing their eyes and imagining what it was like to do it and sing really well, enjoy the experience, and have people tell them how brilliant they were, can be of benefit. Even though the nerves will be there, the brain will take from the process that it genuinely happened and was a positive, successful experience. You can really expedite your progress with mental rehearsal. With some people it really sets them on a positive path.

He finds that a lot of the principles work through different aspects of peoples lives, so it’s almost like a therapy too. For example, those that may be terrified of public speaking or being the centre of attention, at something like a conference, find that the confidence that comes from performing helps so much.

It all ties in with positive thinking, if you focus consistently on the notes that you weren’t happy with, then that is what you will attract. Why not focus on the majority of the notes that sound and feel fantastic? Train your brain to go in another direction. Be non judgemental and have compassion for yourself. Make another choice!

Listen to the episode for more great advice. You can find more information on Michael on his websites and His podcasts are free too, so check them out!