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Episode 29 – Brad Lazarus on Marketing | Cover Bands | Income Streams

This weeks episode kicks off with haunting music by Eran Carniel and his song ’Come to Me’. You can find it on the 6 track EP ‘When Spirits Cry’ which is available on SoundCloud… check it out!

On to the guest!!!

Brad Lazarus Gigging SuccessToday we are joined by Brad Lazurus, a marketing and management guru who has an extensive record of working with huge artists across the globe. Yet in more recent years, he has been focusing on assisting cover bands that gig regularly, perhaps in pubs and bars, but want to further their singing careers on a more professional level, whether that be through corporate work or private events.

It’s a journey we’ve experienced personally, so a subject close to our hearts!

“How can I monetise my talent?”

Many artists starting out initially want to get the recognition, then look to monetise it, perhaps through merchandise and ticket sales. It’s a risky game throwing all your eggs in one basket this way. However, you may find that flipping the idea on its head has a much more lucrative outcome. There are multiple revenue streams all related to music. Ideas might include music teaching, mending instruments, creating a function band, session work.. the possibilities are endless! All possible whilst working towards the ultimate goal of superstardom, or at least successfully writing and recording your own stuff.

Look at the Beatles for example… to earn their way before they were signed, they were playing covers for 6 hours a day. In bars. In GERMANY.

“But COVERS?!”… we hear you cry.


“It depends on whether you want to work in a part time job you don’t really enjoy to fund your way, or work in the industry on another level to keep you afloat.” says Brad. It certainly makes a lot of sense.. earning a consistent living loving what you do is surely preferable for any artist. Certainly beats the 9-to-5 any day.

Ray Gelato is great example of a recording artist that has released covers, peppered alongside his own material. He is always seen as a great performer and his integrity is never questioned.

“Is it wise to worry about your artistic integrity when it comes to money?”

Brads website www.giggingsuccess.com shows that you can have a career and earn money through any kind of performance, without knocking your creativity or performing integrity. You’ll find blogs where he talks about marketing and sales strategies, there are testimonials and a podcast where he talks to cover band musicians that have had success to encourage and inspire you. Their path is broken down to see how it’s achievable to every individual.

So basically, no. Don’t worry about it.

“I want to earn great money through performance… how can I do this?”

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to earn good money, so if that’s your goal, private functions are the way to go. A higher value is placed on a private function band. You are there to enhance the event and add value. No pressure then…

Brad Lazarus Advice

From another perspective, in terms of building public opinion, the small local gigs can be very useful in building your reputation and generating traffic to your social media. So perhaps run the two alongside each other. It may be the pub gig where someone sees you and hey presto!… you’re booked for their wedding.

Essentially, the principles to market anything are the same.

What do you have to offer and who would it appeal to best? If you are a performer that wants to be in pubs and clubs, what types? Where are the venues? Who books for them?

If it’s weddings and corporate events you’re after, what kind of styles of music usually appeal? What are the audiences? How are you going to get the gigs?

It’s a client based business and essentially you’re looking to generate leads and enquiries from clients that want to spend money on having you at their event.

Best way is to put yourself in the shoes of the potential client (let’s be a pretty bride). What does she need to know to book you, what you look like, what you sound like, images, testimonials?

Where is she? How can I get her to come to my website and consider me?

Where is she before she books her venue? The venue, choosing her dress, talking to a wedding planner? Work out how can you be there at the same time. It’s most certainly worth forging relationships with these contacts.

Bands also need to know it’s more than just about the performance on the night. The client expects the good job, but it’s the extra effort around it that make it seamless for the booking to happen, so do things that surprise them. Go the extra mile. You then become so much more referrable. Brad likes to send out a welcome pack to clients when people book bands he works with. This includes a short letter to say hi, sweets, even a cd to help them get in the mood for their event. You never know.. a friend might even hear it and book you too.

“Be remarkable”

You can reach Brad and sign up to his newsletter at www.giggingsuccess.com,  there is loads of free content to be consumed. Pass the time listening to the podcast when you’re driving to your gigs!

You can also find him on twitter @giggingsuccess.

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