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Episode 2 – Using Key Changes To Improve | Making Money From Singing


In this episode of The Naked Vocalist we talk about using key changes to feel the upper register, and we get into making money from singing for a couple of listeners.

Thanks to Dawn for sending her song in. We appreciate it! As her voice was only experiencing a little bit of strain, we recommended she key change her song up by a semi-tone and sing the tricky part again. Repeat this for several steps (from a high note A4 to C#5) and then come back down and feel the benefits. It really works! Get yourself a piano app such as Virtuoso Piano on the iPhone to work out your notes and help you with the key changes.

We enjoyed discussing the career differences between Eileen & Steve, as they are both looking to get on stage more often.

With Eileen we recommended open mic nights for networking, and also websites that hook up musicians and singers:





We also discussed the importance of choosing the correct repertoire to fit with your image.

For our Buble tribute act Steve we recommended wedding shows for continued business:




You must ensure that you CAN perform at these wedding fairs or you may waste your investment. We both also agreed that gigs get gigs and so getting in front of people was the most important aspect of generating business. Offering your services to high profile charities and getting in the local venues can kick start this process.

Steve talked about social media and marketing, quoting these people as being helpful ones to follow and get free advice:



For the Internet Pick Of The Week we offered up the wonderfully talented Christina Bianco and her impression of 19 Divas. The talent of this woman is insane!! Please check it out:


Don’t forgot to hook up with us through these mediums:



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