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Online Singing Lessons Steve Giles Vocal Coach

Steve Giles


Steve is proud to hold his position on the board of directors for global teacher network Vocology in Practice.

His international performance and vocal coaching career has taken him across the world - Australia, Europe, and Hollywood - empowering thousands of singers to sing better, for longer, and assisting in their professional endeavours.

Steve has created many organisations that utilise singing to benefit the lives of others: Love Soul Choir (pop choir organisation) | Singfinity (holistic singing) | co-founded Tempo Wellbeing Ltd (singing for mental health) | co-founded The Naked Vocalist (top singing podcast on iTunes).

His groups have made it to the BBC, Channel 5, and Steve has even assisted Gareth Malone OBE with his television choirs (‘Big Sing’ and ‘Gareth’s Invictus Choir’).

Online Singing Lessons Chris Johnson Vocal Coach

Chris Johnson


Chris is an internationally respected vocal expert with over 11,000 hours of individual coaching experience. He is also a professional singer who understands the demands on performers today, and the vital role technique plays in developing and sustaining vocal range and strength. Chris has helped thousands: Major label contemporary artists, singer/songwriters, West End lead performers and vocal coaches. Chris is also an authorised Vocology In Practice vocal coach, teacher trainer and his unique teaching style is in demand from London to Los Angeles.