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Feel The Air Dance In Your Mouth

I have to credit so much of my knowledge to all the amazing teachers and scientists out there! But whilst trying to understand what their ideas and/or math equations are trying to say, to simplify things, I recently decided to create a new term in the voice world. I call it “Air Dance.”

There is a lot of talk about resonance, or sound sensations, air flow or air pressure and inertance. All of these terms talk about how we use the acoustics in our body to create the best possible output and sound in our voice. So how do we understand all of that?

Well, there is one important thing we know about resonance. If we sing well and comfortably, we will have ‘dancing’ air. This may sound crazy, but stick with me.

Blow your chicks and keep trying to blow air out with a sound. Don’t let much of it to leave your lips. Can you feel this dance of air in your mouth, in your pharynx?

My point is, you have to work towards not ‘pushing’ the air out when you sing to encourage this ‘dance.’ Your goal whilst learning good technique, is to allow the air to dance in your throat, pharynx and mouth and when this is accomplished, singing is easier. There is hardly any unnecessary tension on the vocal folds regardless of what genre you choose to sing.

Good luck my friends!

Aramat Arnheim (Guest Author)

Vocal Coach at Aramat Studio
Aramat is one of the few Vocologists worldwide, who is certified by the Dr Ingo Titze (superstar voice scientist).

She is a famous vocal coach in Israel, works with famous singers and actors, she educates voice teachers and SLP's via colleges and in her private studio.

Aramat is considered a pioneer in the Israeli voice community and while still studying the best vocal techniques and science, she has a talent in simplifying all the math and physics and bring it to us the artists - so we can rock the stage!
Aramat Arnheim (Guest Author)

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