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Begin Chasing Your Dream RIGHT NOW

The Naked Vocalist Singing Goals


We are so conditioned towards getting ready and practicing and preparing for the future, that we miss the magic of beginning right this very instant. Get ready and practice and prepare for the future, absolutely – but begin taking steps immediately.

There is great power and magic in starting right now.

The truth is, you will never be completely ready. So begin NOW. Write down what you want in glorious, vivid detail. Use an actual pen and an actual piece of paper. Dream the biggest dream you possibly can and write it down. It doesn’t need to make sense to anyone but you. Just write it down – and begin NOW. What can you do right now that will help make your dream happen? What is one small, tiny step that will inch you closer to your goal? Do it. Waiting sucks the energy out of your dreams. Waiting is exhausting and soul-sucking. If you’ve ever sat in the waiting room of a doctors office so long your foot falls asleep (the really bad kind of asleep, where you’re not sure if your foot is asleep or actually dead) while you read every decade-old People magazine on the sticky end table, you know that waiting kills dreams. There is energy in action. Live in what is happening right now. Not later, when you’re better or circumstances are different or you’re more prepared or ready. Do something now. Do the little thing that you can do now, and do it right this very instant.

I’ll wait.

Welcome back. Guess what?! You’re one step closer to your dream than you were a moment ago! I’m willing to bet taking that step wasn’t as hard as you anticipated. Hey, while you’ve got some momentum, write down another step or two.

Fun fact: one of the basic laws of physics is that objects in motion stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside source. You’re in motion now – roll with it!

You might be thinking, “That’s nice, Stephanie, but what can I do right now that will actually be a step in the right direction?” I’m glad you asked. It might be vocalising. It might be finding an audition. It might be signing up for a class. It might be putting on your shoes and walking out the door and actually attending a class. It might be creating a plan. Or setting up a meeting with someone whose expertise or advice you respect. Or researching on the internet. Or listening to artists that inspire you. Or performing for free somewhere. Or organizing your music. Or writing a song. Or putting your ideas in an idea binder or notebook. Or any endless number of things that will inch you closer to your specific dreams.

Success doesn’t belong to the most talented, or most beautiful, or most well connected. Success belongs to the person who shows up again and again and claims it. The person who keeps putting one foot in front of the other – no matter how small the steps. The person who does something small right now, then another something small tomorrow, and another, and another. That person will soon see that all those small somethings have become a much greater something. That is the person who succeeds.

So, dream big and begin NOW. Someday is rolling in, and now becomes history with the blink of an eye.

Take that step. I’m rooting for you.

Stephanie Bare (Guest Author)

Performer, Vocal Coach, MD and Writer at stephaniebare.com
Stephanie Bare is a performer, vocal coach, musical director and writer based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Her decade of experience onstage and behind the audition table, combined with her extensive training in vocal technique and science, makes her an invaluable resource forclients around the world - whether they're working on improving their voices, successfully preparing for auditions, or overhauling their audition book.

Her clients include beginning singers, Broadway actors, and Grammy nominees.

Stephanie is proud to be a Vocology in Practice Authorised Instructor and also teaches at the VocalizeU Artist Intensive in Hollywood, CA.
Stephanie Bare (Guest Author)

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