John, who previously appeared on a very popular episode of our podcast, is back again to talk to you about marketing (yawn). Only thing is, this is NOT boring, and it’s incredibly useful. Over to you John!

How to get more students on FaceBook - Music Teacher Marketing with The Naked Vocalist

Yes, I used to suck at Facebook as well, but an unfortunate series of events changed all that.

My name is John Henny and I am a voice teacher in Los Angeles. I did pretty well with my private studio. I even had a few celebrity clients so I could do the L.A. name dropping thing (I know, it’s very annoying).

Then one day I had an idea – it wasn’t a very good one.

I opened a huge Music Academy with state-of-the-art teaching rooms, a stage room, a Pro Tools recording studio, all the bells and whistles. And employees…..lots of employees.

I took the “if you build it, they will come philosophy”. I figured my wonderful facility (and perhaps my reputation) would quickly fill my business with eager paying customers.

However, you can probably guess the outcome. I began to losing money faster than a drunk at a Las Vegas casino.

I believe in the UK I would need to call myself a “Plum.” Ha! I love that word!

I watched as my years of hard work and savings were being quickly depleted. It was out of a sense of panic that I came up with the idea of creating and selling an online course to train voice teachers.

I had never done an online course, so I began researching in order to figure out how to do this correctly.

I put together the course, but then realized, once again, people aren’t going to come find me without me making them aware. In my studies all the roads pointed to Facebook advertising.

I had spent quite a bit of time on my Music Academy Facebook page, I even hired a social media person to run it for me for a while, but it just didn’t seem to gain any traction and my posts were met with all the excitement of an insurance seminar.

However, since I basically had to get my Academy profitable or shut it down, I decided to give it another try and approach Facebook in a new way.

I dove head-first into learning how to do Facebook Advertising. I took very intensive and expensive courses, and I even got certified in Facebook Ads.


Now these courses were mainly aimed at people selling product online. But, I knew the basic concepts could also work for my bricks-and-mortar business if I adjusted them properly

In a leap of faith, I took $400 and invested it in Facebook ads, using the principles I had learned.

And in one month that $400 brought me an additional $3,000 in income. I was now hooked (and a bit less of a Plum).

I was so enthusiastic about my results I began to share what I learned with other voice and music teachers. However, I noticed common mistakes being made across the board. These were the same mistakes I had been making.

In my companion video I give you my top three mistakes (as well as a bonus mistake)….okay, that’s four mistakes, but three just sounds better.

Three Common Mistakes

These mistakes are:

  1. Not Investing Money in Advertising

Yes, you are going to have to pay the piper if you wish to make Facebook work for you. The days of your business page reaching people are pretty much gone as FB will only show your posts to 1 or 2 percent of your fans organically. The good news is you can make the money back and more if you do it correctly!


  1. Only Boosting Posts

This is better than nothing, but it utilizes the wrong “objective,” which I explain in the video. Basically Facebook will show your posts to people who may not be the best audience for you.


  1. Not Retargeting

This one is a bit more complicated, but it is the one of the most powerful things you can do for your business. Have you ever looked at a product or website only to have it follow you back to Facebook? You’ve been retargeted! You need to do this, seriously.


As for my bonus mistake, I’ll let you watch the video at the top of the page for that as it’s a bit involved but incredibly important. It ties very much into mistake number 3.

Just these three, errr, four concepts alone can make a huge difference in your business and your ability to bring new students into your studio.

If you listen to The Naked Vocalist Podcast, then chances are you are a much better than average voice teacher and I like to see good voice teachers do better than mediocre ones. Using Facebook Ads can position you to be the leading studio in you area.

If you’d like to find out more about John’s course for teachers, Music Teacher Marketer, click here to read and sign up (if you want to).
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John Henny