Who are The Naked Vocalist?

The Naked Vocalist (aka, the naked guys) are Chris Johnson and Steve Giles; two industry vocal coaches based in the UK. They have spent years working with experts from around the world to bring the best in vocal technique and artistry, right to you. Our guests include top vocal coaches Dave Stroud, Jamie Vendera and Jeannie LoVetri. We even have top scientific minds such as Dr. Ingo Titze and Karin Cox. In this website there is something for everyone, and we cover everything from increasing your confidence to using a drinking straw to improve your singing.

Why trust the information on this website? Well, as long standing members of Vocology In Practice (ViP) teacher network and the Pan American Vocology Association (PAVA) Chris and Steve understand the science of singing, as well as understanding the art by also having had a professional careers as singers. Along with open-mindedness and a willingness to open up every topic with an objective approach, The Naked Vocalist podcast and blog will only bring you genuinely helpful and valuable content. That’s a promise!

Who are Chris and Steve?

You could say they started out as friends, but that has slowly diminished over the years (wink face). Luckily they had the commonality of vocal pedagogy to maintain some sort of alliance. For those who like to know, it all started in Speech Level Singing where they both spent several years as certified instructors, but during their teaching journey they went in search of the unanswered questions that inevitably present themselves when learning one ‘method’. These days, they are connected as authorised Vocology in Practice (ViP) instructors. This continues the feed of teaching, open minded learning, and networking in all things vocal technique, vocal science, performing and everything else you can think of that has anything to do with singing.

Not only have Chris and Steve followed similar paths in terms of vocal education, as singers, together they have shared the stage with some household names. Alexander O’Neal, The Drifters and Lemar are lucky to be in that list. HRH The Prince of Wales at St James Palace (2010) also had the pleasure of listening to the guys. Other performance credits include ITV’s ‘Dancing on Ice’ and ‘Popstar to Operastar’.