Voice Metaphors

Hi, I’m Ellisa Weinzimmer, founder of Voice Body Connection and previous guest on episode 47 of The Naked Vocalist podcast.

You know how your voice teacher sometimes says something totally crazy… like: “Imagine your diaphragm is a jellyfish.”

It can be really exhilarating when a goofy phrase like this helps us access a deeper breath. But these voice metaphors can also fall very flat. As in…. “I’m sorry, whaaaat do you mean??!?”

As a singer and voice teacher myself, I’m fascinated with the way we use language to describe the feelings and sensations we’re trying to achieve as we breathe and produce sound. Personally I love a good voice metaphor. However I’m also a very down-to-earth, anatomically-inclined person. So if my teacher says: “Allow freedom and expansion through the base of your rib cage,” that can work equally well for me.

My theory is this:
Metaphors work when they are grounded in anatomical awareness and an energetic understanding of the voice.

BUT – those that aren’t rooted in vocal function and mechanics don’t.

Do you agree? Disagree? Want to discuss with me? Awesome.

I’m hosting a free webinar called:
Voice Metaphors: Why They Work, and When They Don’t” next Wednesday April 26th at 7:30pm EST, and you’re invited. 

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On the call I’ll help you understand the ingredients needed to create a good metaphor, and also how to decipher one that doesn’t make sense. We’ll be using plenty of examples too, and you’ll be welcome to share some of your favorites, good or bad!

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