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Episode 41 – A Game Changer: Tongue Placement

Welcome to The Naked Vocalist singing podcast. Whether you are a pro singer, novice, a performer or a vocal coach, there’s something in here for you. Today is all about the tongue tension and placement in singing! We discuss why it needs to be more of a priority when it comes to voice training.

But first, music from UK band April Blue at 2:05 secs, with their track ‘Valentine’.

Valentine - April Blue (Official Video)

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Tongue Tension Tips

7:16 – Why should I pay attention to my tongue? It’s right in the middle of our instrument, so what is its effect on the voice?

9:10 – What happens with the tongue bio-mechanically and how it can can hinder vocals.

12:42 – How do I know if I’ve got tongue tension? Chris points out some ways you can spot tongue tension in your voice.

14:45 – What can I do to release tongue tension? We describe some easy ways on how to ease tongue tension, including stretching and massage.

24:25 secs How can I manage my tongue in songs? Learn the tricks of tongue placement through other vowels.

28:34 secs When should I engage my tongue, if at all?

35:49 secs How do I actually get my tongue out? Exercises and strategies to get the tongue out of the mouth and rid yourself of nasality when singing.

43:47 secs Our amazing video of the week… a little bit of Hamilton musical!

Hamilton: An American Musical 360° - Wait For It


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Join the discussion 2 Comments

  • Joy says:

    Tongue tension has always been my problem. Anything you can tell me would be appreciated.

    • Naked Web Monkey says:

      Hi Joy! Tongue tension is common. You could try 5 tone or octave apreggios using the words glay-glah-glay-glah-glay. Over pronounce with your jaw and tongue a little, and try and go quite fast. Up to 120bpms, keeping clear diction. Also, keeping an open jaw, do the same scales using the word LEE-YAH LEE-YAH LEE-YAH. No need to go too high. Chest voice is fine. The idea with those is to keep the tongue moving whilst pitch is changing, so it can’t tighten and constrict. Do those for 3-4 mins each day and see if you feel more flexible after a week or so. If it keeps returning, there’s something wrong elsewhere and the tongue is merely a symptom. Thanks. Chris 🙂

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