Episode 5 – Musical Theatre | An Interview With US Vocal Coach Rachel Lawrence

Before we get in to todays interview we briefly discuss our meeting with the Vocology In Practice UK teachers over the weekend. Vocology In Practice is an international network of teachers who strive for excellence in education, and over the coming months and years we plan to work with them on delivering some great events and content to help singer achieve their goals. It will be an exciting journey putting those together so keep in touch with Vocology In Practice (VIP) at these places:




For the interview we were lucky enough to have incredibly well respected coach Rachel Lawrence chatting to us about Musical Theatre. Her background is extensive and began in Speech Level Singing, and with those technique skills she has worked on many projects including Glee and Greys Anatomy. She is also a sought after coach for high profile clients working in both LA and Braodway theatre shows, so she knows her stuff!

Topics covered include dealing with the heavy performance schedule, health, character voices and dealing with them, choreography and singing, audition advice, song choices and mindset for success in the industry.

She is a truly inspirational coach and talks from experience, and if you would like to reach to her, here is her website: