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Here we are again, talking choir voice training; being a stronger member. We also discuss coaching the dreaded ‘voice break’ for adolescent males.

The Naked Vocalist Podcast Ep 40 - Choir Voice Training and Coaching Through the Voice Break

We begin this weeks episode with music from Keith Daniel Washo. We’ve featured him before, and here he is again cos he’s great. Check out track Heart Of Gold and subscribe to his channel:

Heart of Gold by Keith Daniel Washo

He joins us at 2:06 secs for a ‘live first’ on the show! He tells us about his passion for writing love songs, where he gets his inspiration and future plans.

9:13 secs  Chris talks about his experience with breathing techniques in Switzerland with expert and previous guest, Robin De Haas.

10:04 secs Steve talks about his new project It’s a project he’s been working on for the last 18 months in schools and with kids around the country which has driven him to create an environment that inspires and drives them on all levels, no matter their walk of life.

Choir voice training

13:14 secs We’re launching ‘21 days’ to train with us from June 1st, find out more details on Snapchat and Facebook.

15:11 secs Our first listener question is from Viv Shepherd: “Why am I losing my voice when I sing with my choir?”.
From our own personal experience in choirs and leading them, is that people underestimate how hard pop choir singing could be. We list the things against those singing in large groups and how training classically for a lifetime can be a hard technique to break in modern choirs. Volume, air and age also play a part. Is it time to look after number 1 in finding her own coach? In any case, proper choir voice training is quite rare these days, so finding a choir master who is experience in this field may be a difficult job.

32:45 secs Our second listener question is from lisamarieob on Snapchat: “How do I teach an adolescent male through the voice break?”.
We discuss what’s happening physically and how it will be affecting his voice. We chat things that you can do that will benefit your students going through this, like picking the right material to sing and exercises that will ease the transition.

40:26 secs We share our video of the week, its an MRI scan of someone singing! Absolutely fascinating. It’s all about the tongue.

That’s it for this week! Don’t forget to check out our 21 days training. Join us on Snapchat and share your journey.

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