Episode 4 – 3 Killer Tips For Hitting The High Notes


Episode 4 is our first specialist episode, and for this we chose the common subject of hitting high notes.

We first deliver some news regarding our private projects:

Chris also unveiled his new website and new London studio plans. Go check Chris out at:


Steve also broke news of his new project for young singers, Love Soul Hype, which gets underway this month. More information and audition dates visit:



In the high notes section we talk about the ways of training the voice to prepare if for high notes, as this is a long term way of ensuring those notes come out. This includes vowel choices for the higher range and some development of resonance and vocal cord adduction.

On to the songs Chris & Steve discuss the quick fixes that can be used to achieve comfort on the top. They include:

a) Vowel Substitution – see more info at our blog post http://www.thenakedvocalist.com/quick-fix-vowel-substitution/
b) The UH vowel
c) Lyrics substitution


For our YouTube pick this week we chose an example of Pavarotti and his prowess with vowel substitution, particularly with UH. Admittedly it’s Opera but the principles are the same and here they are at work:


Don’t forget to get on board with the next Episode if you’re into your Musical Theatre, as we have US coach Rachel Lawrence on board to give us tips on how to break through into the West End or Broadway.