Episode 39 – Singing Supplements | Vocal Rehab | Gareth Malone

In todays podcast we’re talking singing supplements, vocal rehab and little about TV coach Gareth Malone.

The Naked Vocalist Podcast Ep 39 - Singing Supps, Vocal Rehab and a Gareth Malone.

But first, a little bit of singing at 1:01 secs from pop/country songwriter Cambree Lovesy. You can find out more about her at www.cambreelovesy.com and see the video to Dream Girl here! Lovely stuff.

Cambree Lovesy - Dream Girl [LYRIC VIDEO]

After a little plug for VocalizeU in LA…

5:55 secs Chris talks us through his Tough Mudder experience which involved a 12 mile run, getting electrocuted and naked ice baths.

7:45 secs Steve tells us about working with the BBC and Gareth Malone. He’s a brilliant bloke and has created a choir for the Invictus Games to be shown on BBC1 soon! But Steve didn’t make the cut so could actually just be making it all up.

11:02 secs Join us on Snapchat for 21 days of vocal training. Follow the link http://www.thenakedvocalist.com/buy-singpro/ to download the software if you’d like to use it, and follow the sing pro approach. Your voice WILL CHANGE. Remember use THIS link. And this one only. We need to eat. But, you can also do the 21 days without this software. It’s just a little less structured.

13:20 secs Our first question this week is from listener Carl Jenkins: “Should I use singing supplements?”. Chris tells us how his voice has been the best when he actually hasn’t been taking anything. Is it all about money for the Pharmaceutical companies?… (sorry). Perhaps the approach should be avoiding having a problem in the first place, as opposed to fixing a problem after with singing supplements, or drugs. There is also the possibility that overuse could do some damage.

32:36 secs Next question is from Gemma… “How do I rehab a voice after an op for a vocal injury?” .
There’s a lot of psychology behind this question. There will definitely be a fear from both student and teacher as you can’t ‘see’ anything, and then there’s always an underlying confidence issue. It’s a long journey with regular, consistent, controlled training. Recovery time will depend on willingness of the students to comply to the training, and the vocal hygiene regime. It’s harder than it sounds!

40:44 secs Our Youtube vid of the week:

Marty Thomas - "Blame it on the Boogie" at Broadway Sings Michael Jackson

We’re off to gig at a wedding tonight, wish us luck! Fingers crossed for a yummy buffet.

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