Episode 37 – Laryngitis Problems | How To Choose A Voice Coach

Today we chat all things Laryngitis and how to find the right vocal coach!

The Naked Vocalist Podcast Ep 37 - Laryngitis Problems and How To Choose A Voice Coach.

But first some music from band Posture and their new track ‘I Just Can’t Wait To See My Girl’. It’s got a beachy 90’s vibe, perfect for the summer months ahead! Check it out here:


11:30  – World Voice Day is on April 16th! We discuss our plans for the big day. Visit www.world-voice-day.org for more info.

13:10  – We’ve had loads of questions coming in so thanks for your contributions. Our first question from listener Andy is about laryngitis. So Topic 3 Laryngitis. Should you sing with it? How does it affect the voice? How can you fix it?

19:26  – Steve gives us his ranting thoughts on an anti-inflammatory approach to life and how it can keep you on the right track. Whether it’s food, supplements or the things we do on a day to day basis.

25:30  – Steroids and why they are a LAST RESORT!!!

27:20  – The pressures of being a vocalist, particularly in theatre and the need to be on for your role regardless of how ill you are. Theatre performers feel like they have to get out there, regardless of how they’re feeling. The boys discuss

31:50  – Pressures on singing teachers when they feel ill. They have to make an income but may ruin their voice in a day. Is it worth it?

33:30  – Our second question from Nick, who’s emailed from Singapore. Topic 4: Vocal Coach Confusion: How do I choose a good vocal coach? How do I know who’s good? Chris and Steve answer in depth with thoughts on ’perceived value’, qualifications and experience.

53:54 – Snapchat chat. A completely pointless filming of Claire’s Snapchat to us.

54:25  – Claire’s snapchat is “Being able to see their methods online!” A front facing persona is so helpful for a tutor. For example Chris’s Vowel substitution video on his website. It’s a proven method and you know that you can be helped before you’ve even picked up the phone.

59:10  – A lovely quote from our good friend and fellow vocal coach Greg Enriquez.

1:00:38  – A round up from us guys.

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