Episode 10 – Interview With Katie Holmes | Touring With Jessie J | Technique | Getting Into The Session Industry


We started todays show with a beautiful track from Steve Rokosh called ‘Beauty Rest Again’ ft. Tamara Beatty. Steve was our room mate at the 2014 Winter Retreat and happened to be a great songwriter and artist.


You can find all of his stuff at http://www.steverokosh.com/. Go and download Steves’ material and enjoy!


As mentioned in the episode we had some FaceBook ‘haters’ for the first ever time last week. Here’s the post that caused such a stir… let us know what you think:https://www.facebook.com/tnvquestions/photos/a.590949530945530.1073741826.587129237994226/690592077647941/?type=1&theater

No Brainer Saturday Job

We obviously didn’t intend to offend anyone or undermine the industry. It’s purely a comparison of two roles based on a true story. Ours! Chip in with the abuse if you think it’s appropriate. However, we did gain 27 shares and 30 new likes to the page so…. every cloud.


We are very lucky to have the beautiful and talented Katie Holmes chatting to us about her wonderful career and how to break through into the world of backing vocals and session singing. Katie has featured on Craig Davids’ 3rd album, toured with Cee-Lo Green, Leona Lewis, Professor Green, Adele and Jessie J. She has also had some great success with her vocal group, the Band Of Voices, after they made it through to the semi-finals of Britains Got Talent 2013.


Katie gives great insight in to how she cracked the industry as a session singer with the Artful Dodger, and how it all led to backing vocals for major artists. She also gives some great tips and thoughts on the job of a backing singer, how to get yourself known and what to expect in an audition.


Katie is an inspirational singer and oozes talent. She was recognised for her efforts by becoming the first ever cover shot for the upcoming iSing magazine (soon to be released).



If you want to reach out to Katie she teaches at Bromley Vocal School in Kent, England. She’s also available on social media:
Twitter & Instagram – @iamktholmes
FaceBook: /katieholmes

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